Monday, 17 October 2016

3 skills l used today

"3 Things That I Used Today"


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The very first skill that I used today was Creativity. The activities that I did  today during my lesson has helped me to practice my creativity skills. Apparently "Donatella Versace" says that “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” and I think that's very true because some people say that it is very hard to be creative but that's false, you just need to follow your ideas. Personally I think everyone in the world has some kind of creativity in themselves they just need to follow their ideas and be confident about it.


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The second skill that I used today was Perseverance. It's because the work that I did today was very new to me, I've never written blogs before but still I didn't gave up. I tried to do it again and again I even took my tutor's help and in the end my hard work payed off, my tutor liked the work that, I did with perseverance. In life “it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” and this is literally the key to success. If you keep on working hard, you achieve what you're aiming for. Whenever I feel like giving up I just tell myself to never, never, never give in!.


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The third skill that I used today was working as a group, "Teamwork". I really enjoyed working in a team with my class fellows because you get bored working on your own so it gets a bit fun if you work with other people and you get know other people as well. As you get know their ideas as well as you tell them yours so you don't get a lot of burden on yourself, you divide your work between each other and you can get help from one another if you get stuck. Helen Keller once said that “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

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  1. That is a wonderful post, Azeena. I really enjoyed reading it and your grammar and punctuation is excellent. The images you used were very relevant.

    Well done!